August 24, 2013

Peanut Butter Drive

This past Monday our faculty fanned out across the city to perform works at mercy at various agencies that our students support during the academic year.  Two groups went to food pantries, Blessed Sacrament Parish and Saint Raphael's Parish.  Both food pantries mentioned that they are always in need of peanut butter and can never have enough.  So we decided that every week a different theology class will buy jars of peanut butter and every Friday one of the students will bring them over to the food pantries.

The senior class will kick things off next week with, hopefully, over 100 jars and beginning in September we will have the six sophomore theology classes cover the next six weeks.  The students seem very excited about this addition to our works of mercy.  It's no surprise really.  Pope Francis said recently, "When you meet those most in need, your heart will begin to grow bigger, bigger, and bigger."

More to come on the other mercy projects we have planned for this year.

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