July 19, 2012

The end.

Unfortunately, our time at the Lasallian Youth Assembly has come to an end.  We will be on the road at 6:30am and hopefully back in Manchester before the beach and lake traffic!

Today was our excursion day.  The kids could go to Niagara Falls, NY, Niagara Falls, ON, or Six Flags.  4 of our kids went to the US side of Niagara Falls while one went to Canada and the other to Six Flags.  Mrs. Photiades P'14 and I went to the US side as well along with about 15-20 other students and chaperones.  We went on the Cave of the Winds and the Maid of the Mist and I took a walk across the Rainbow Bridge into Canada (just to say I walked to Canada!).  The border is on the middle of the bridge over the Niagara River.  I shopped at the Duty Free shop and then headed back, a quick international trip!

Tonight after dinner we gathered for our final prayer service.  One of the moderators from Saint Martin de Porres School in New York (which was run for many years by Bro. Ray Blixt, FSC, a graduate of Bishop Bradley High School, Trinity's predecessor school) showed a movie he made on his recent visit to Saint Mary's School, a Lasallian school in Nyeri, Kenya.  After the movie, Mary Ann Donohue-Lynch, who has conducted the Lasallian Youth Assembly, said the district is thinking of sponsoring trips to Kenya for schools in the district (just another reason for us to come back to Lasalle!).

Following this we prayed, handed out certificates, and just watched a slideshow of the week.

This has been a powerful week and I am more resolved for Trinity to re-join the Lasallian world.  Just ask our kids who went, they are on fire right now!

Live Jesus in our hearts.  Forever!

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