July 9, 2012

Not too far off...

A teacher that I follow on Twitter posted that she has started to have dreams about school again, a reminder that summer vacation will alas come to an end.  Yikes.

We teachers don't go back until August 16 but with the 4th of July behind us, it is high time I started to get ready for some things.  I just ordered the Bibles we will present to our freshmen on August 21 and I will later do some work on the retreats we will have when we get back.  The faculty have one on August 17, the seniors on August 22, the freshmen on August 28, the sophomores on September 10, and the juniors on September 24.  That, along with everything else, combined with the two classes I have to prepare for means I need to get cracking.

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  1. What a great blog you have here! I am new to Campus Ministry and I am struggling with my back-to-school faculty retreat. Do you have any resources you would be willing to share?