May 11, 2012

Saying goodbye

Today Mrs. Paula Boire, the mother of Nick '14 and Michael '09 (and three other beautiful children) was laid to rest at Ste. Marie's Church in Manchester.  About 120 or so students (mostly sophomores) and about 5 or 6 faculty attended the funeral Mass.  We felt it was important as a sign of unity and solidarity that Nick's classmates attend the Mass even if they don't know him.  Our kids, as always, were very respectful and you can tell they were very moved as some of them have lost parents or for sure were thinking what it must be like to lose a parent at their age.

It was a lovely Mass presided over by Father Marc Montminy, the former pastor of Ste. Marie's and the current pastor of Saint Michael Parish in Exeter (as well as the second cousin of Mrs. Boire's husband, Michael).  Msgr. Anthony Frontiero of Saint Joseph Cathedral con-celebrated.

Until we see her again, may Mrs. Boire rest in peace with God in heaven.

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