May 2, 2012

Faith in our times

A few weeks ago Mrs. Lawless of our Guidance Department mentioned that the women's group at her parish, Saint Elizabeth Seton in Bedford, needed a speaker for their May meeting as their scheduled speaker had a conflict.  Mr. Mailloux '72 suggested that he and I give it a shot and speak to the women on Faith In Our Times.

There was some confusion about the date - we thought it was May 8 but I found out on Monday that it was actually May 1 which was the next day (I didn't check my email very closely before April vacation so I missed the correction).  But Mr. Mailloux and I were able to put together a presentation.  Luckily I attended a workshop on the same topic at last month's NCEA convention by Prof. Thomas Groome of Boston College so I was able to use a lot of what I learned from that into our talk.

It was an intimate gathering of about 15 women, one of whom was the mother of a seminarian for the diocese.  I spoke first for about 30 minutes and Mr. Mailloux spoke after me for about 10.  I talked about the challenges trying to pass on the faith to our young people and some ways in which we can ensure our faith "survives."  Using the gospel story of the Road to Emmaus, I talked about how by following the pedagogy of Jesus Christ, we can help our young people (or anyone really) develop a life of faith.

It was a pleasant evening and was happy to meet some new friends!  I have never been to Saint Elizabeth Seton before so that was a nice plus too.

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