February 13, 2012

Lasallian Visit

As we continue to look towards our potential affiliation with the Lasallian Christian Brothers, two representatives of the order will be here today and tomorrow to make presentations.  Bro. Ernest Miller, FSC and Mr. Alan Weyland of the Office of Mission and Ministry for the District of Eastern North America will present to our Advisory Board tonight and then to our faculty tomorrow afternoon over a Saint Anselm College. 
It is somewhat providential that their visit coincides with the 30th anniversary of the death of Bro. James Miller, FSC.  Bro. James was a Wisconsin native who was assigned to ministry in Guatemala.  On this day in 1982, masked gunmen shot and killed Bro. James while he was doing some repair work on a wall.  It is thought that he was killed because of his and the order's efforts to prevent the conscription of young men.  Bro. James had been working very hard to provide job and leadership training to local Indian boys so they would not have to join the military. 

You can read more about Bro. James' martyrdom here.

Bro. James Miller, FSC - Pray for us.

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