January 15, 2012

Respecting Life

Each year around Martin Luther King Day and the March for Life, we have a special assembly on respecting life and human dignity.  This year we thought we'd have a Mass of Peace and Justice followed by a special presentation on Christopher Duffley.  Following Mass, Christopher's mother Christine spoke to the students about Christopher's story.  As many of you know, Christopher was born to drug addicted parents in Florida in 2001 (his father is Christine's brother), was 14 weeks premature, blind and weighed 1 lb when he was born.  His mother considered having an abortion as she already had a previous one so what was one more?  But, she delivered Christopher and Christine went down to check on her nephew.  She and her husband Steve (a Trinity graduate) decided to take custody of Christopher and in 2003, they adopted him.

Today, Christopher is blind and autistic but he has discovered his talent - singing.  Christopher has perfect pitch and can play the piano and sing like a pro.  Following Christine's emotional presentation (during which our students sat stone silent listening), Christopher went to the piano and played "Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord" by Michael W. Smith.  The sound of his sweet little voice along with the line from the song "I want to see you" brought me (and many I am sure) to tears.

The students erupted in applause after he finished singing.  Christopher, as you may know, as sung the National Anthem at Fenway Park, before many sporting events, NASCAR races, conventions, etc.  He is such a treasure and a testament to the value and worth of all human life, no matter how "broken" that life may be.

You can hear Christopher's sing at his YouTube channel.

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