January 31, 2012

Care Givers

Well over 1,100 cans!
Today Eric Emmerling from Care Givers stopped by to pick up the canned good we donated for his organization.  He told me that they supply 2,000 pounds of food each month to low income elderly and between us and Bishop Guertin, we supplied about that much.  So, thanks to the students of Trinity and BG, folks will be able to eat for a month!

In terms of the final count and the competition, Care Givers is still tabulating everything but I am pretty confident we did very well!  I'd hate to brag when both schools did such an amazing job...but...wink, wink, nod, nod, nudge, nudge.
Students with Eric Emmerling of Care Givers
Either way, major kudos to BG for all their work too.

Some great students helped me bring the items to the van this afternoon and posed for some pictures.  Thanks to everyone who took part.

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