December 22, 2011

Reading through Partnership

In the craziness of the week, I forgot to mention a pretty significant achievement by our students - they donated close to 400 books for the students of the Henry Wilson School in Manchester.  Henry Wilson School is a K-5 school in an underprivileged part of the city and the school is working hard to promote the importance of reading with the students.

Trinity and Henry Wilson have about the same number of students so each of our students bought a book for one of theirs.  The seniors and juniors bought books the kindergarten students and first graders, the sophomores bought books for the second and third graders, and the freshmen bought books for the fourth and fifth graders.  The books were placed under the Christmas Tree in Campus Ministry and were picked up on Tuesday.  Going forward, some of our students will go to the Henry Wilson School to read to the students.

I cannot thank the students enough for their generosity.  Time and time again, they come through when we put the call out for help.  I also want to thank Mrs. Tortolini and the many students who helped wrap the books and helped me organize everything.  It made my life a million times easier.

Thank you, everyone!

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