November 3, 2011

New Horizons

One of the beneficiaries of our Cardboard City event was New Horizons.  Their executive director, Charlie Sherman, asked if some of our students could come down to New Horizons to see their facility and to get a sense of what they do.  So yesterday, I headed down there with five students who took part in Cardboard City.

Charlie gave us a great tour and we came away very impressed with what they do.  New Horizons has four components:

1. Food pantry (which feeds 900 people a month)
2. Soup kitchen (which feeds 200 a day)
3. Shelter (room for about 70)
4. Medical facility

I was happy to see that one of our graduates from the class of 1977 is a case worker there and another, a parent of a graduate of the class of 2011, works in their development office.

We hope to do a lot of service with New Horizons, especially in their soup kitchen.  They prepare a homemade meal every night (last night was sloppy joe's!) and they serve the guests restaurant style.  New Horizons prides itself on treating their guests with dignity and respect and to give them a place to come that is warm and inviting, not institutional and cold.

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