September 8, 2011

Prayer of the Day

Today we begin a new tradition at Trinity High School - Founder's Day.  It was 41 years ago on September 8, 1970 that Trinity High School opened its doors for the first time, the product of three schools merging into one.

We are having a number of events today to mark the occasion but as always, we begin in prayer:

God our Father,
When this school opened its doors for the first time as Trinity High School on September 8, 1970, there was much hope but also some doubt.
Could this school - which was made up of three former schools - survive?
What did the future hold for Trinity when so many other Catholic schools were closing around the country?
But Lord, you had other plans for this place.  You called people like Mr. Gorski, Miss Kudric, Mr. Maurier, Mr. Mailloux, Mrs. Trachim, Mrs. O’Gorski, and so many others to lead this school, to carry out its Catholic mission, and to make disciples of thousands and thousands of young men and women.
We thank you for the past 41 years, we thank you for the men and women who built Trinity High School, for those who have sustained it, and for those who are to come.  
God our Father - Please continue to bless our faculty, our administration, our staff, our students, our parents, our families, our alumni, and our benefactors.  
God our Son - Please help us to always be like You and to be your disciples.
God the Holy Spirit - Please help and guide us all as we work to build your kingdom in this tiny part of your vineyard.

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