September 15, 2011

...and renew the face of the Earth

Today we had a very nice opening liturgy thanks to Father Jerome Day, OSB.  He gave a wonderful homily which will be podcasted later today.  Our choir, as always, sang beautifully and added so much to our worship.  Father Jerome went through the crowd after communion and blessed each class with holy water.

I offered a very brief reflection at the Mass following Communion which is posted below:

I’ve heard it said a number of times lately - this is an amazing time to be a part of Trinity High School:
  • The Pope owns a Trinity High School t-shirt
  • The freshmen have iPads
  • Our girl’s soccer team is undefeated
  • We had an amazing reaccredition visit last spring
  • Our faculty is fired up and ready to take Trinity to the next level
  • We’ve, in a way through Mr. Mailloux, taken on Saint Joe’s
  • This year we celebrate and honor Mr. Gorski’s 50th year as a teacher at Trinity/Bradley
For those of us who have faith, the amazing things that have taken place during the past couple of years have not been coincidental.  There is something very powerful at work in these walls and this place is truly on the cusp of greatness.  I honestly believe that God has a special plan for Trinity High School and all of us here are going to play a role in the renewal of Catholic education in the city of Manchester, if not the entire state!
And so it’s appropriate that we stop today, on the threshold of a new academic year and pray to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to bless us and to renew us in our work.  Without God, we can do nothing and with God we can do everything.  As a Catholic school, especially one named after God, we can never forget why it is we exist and why it is we continue to thrive.  We are here to build up the kingdom of God the Father in this tiny corner of His vineyard and as long as we keep our eyes and our focus on God the Son, and ask for the help and guidance of God the Holy Spirit, we will never fail.  
Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the Earth.
Come Holy Spirit and continue to renew Trinity High School.


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