June 22, 2011

LV Ride

During the past school year, Trinity High School celebrated its 40th anniversary.  Our school was founded on September 8, 1970 when three Manchester Catholic high schools (Bishop Bradley, Immaculata, and Saint Anthony's) merged into one school.  Trinity and Bishop Bradley, as well as their predecessor school Saint Joseph's High School for Boys, were founded by the Lasallian Christian Brothers, a religious order of men devoted to education.  I am not 100% sure but I think the statute in front of Alumni Hall is that of St. John Baptist de la Salle, the founder of the order.  As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, we honored the Christian Brothers at a special assembly in April. 

The Christian Brothers quietly left Trinity in the late 1970's.  As Mr. Sheehan has said many times, one year they were here and the next year, they were gone.  Because they left so quietly, we never had a chance to say good bye and to thank them for their close to 100 years of service to Catholic education in Manchester.  The April assembly was our chance to formally say thank you.  

But, in conversations with the brothers, we realized that we still have a lot in common and we both wanted to find ways to "re-connect" and do more together.  One of those ways is by taking part in the Lasallian Youth Assembly next month.  Five Trinity students, myself and Miss P. are going to spend a week in Philadelphia with high school students from the East Coast performing service and attending talks on social justice, service, etc.  It should be amazing and we will post more about that as we get closer.

The Lasallian Christian Brothers have a group called Lasallian Volunteers - it's a volunteer group for college graduates who want to spend a year or two performing service and living in community with other like-minded college graduates.  This summer the LV's (as they're called) are having a fundraiser called Bike Across America in which volunteers are biking across the country to raise funds for their work.  They left Oregon on June 14 and will finish up in New Jersey on August 14.  You can learn more about them as well as follow their progress here.  I thought about taking part but I didn't want to embarrass anyone with my skill and athletic ability!

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  1. Brian: You are correct about the statue in front of Alumni Hall, it is St John Baptist De La Salle. That building served as the residence of the Christian Brothers while they were on the Bishop Bradley/Trinity campus.
    (Ken Monty, Class of '74)