June 21, 2011

Getting to work

It's certainly a different world here at Trinity without students.  It's not too quiet though - some teachers have come in, most of the staff and administrators are here, and our new Math teacher Mr. Arnold stopped by.  Plus, there is some construction going on down the hall from me in Room 3 and work on the new fire doors began yesterday.

Feel free to stop by the Campus Ministry office if you're in the building.  I will be in and out of the school throughout the summer but you can always e-mail me at bflaherty {at} trinity-hs {dot} org. 

Next week I will have the good fortune of traveling to Rome.  As you may recall, Archbishop Gerald Lacroix (seen to the right at last year's Home Coming Game), the Archbishop of Quebec, is a 1975 graduate of Trinity High School.  Each June 29, new archbishops (like Archbishop Lacroix) go to Rome to receive the pallium from Pope Benedict XVI.  Archbishop Lacroix graciously invited me, Mr. Mailloux, Mrs. Henning, Mr. Andrew Nelson, and a number of priests from Manchester to join him for the Mass. 

We leave for Rome on Sunday, June 26 and will return the following Sunday, July 3.  I will be posting regularly from Rome so stay tuned!

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