August 27, 2016

Freshman helpers

Each year, freshman from Saint Anselm College fan out across the Manchester area to perform a few hours of service as they get to learn their new home.  For the past couple of years, a group has come to Trinity High School and yesterday we were glad to welcome them.  
The students arrived around 1:30pm and we spent time in Campus Ministry before getting to work.  I told them that as a small school, having a group like them come help us with little things goes such a long way.  We don't have a big staff and only one full-time facilities man so their presence and assistance is very much welcomed.  I also explained that I am leaving Trinity High School and I wanted to get as much done in advance for my successor so they would be a big help with that too.

After introductions, we got down to work.  I had them assemble the boxes for our September food drive and then drop them off in classrooms, collect and dump all of the recycling from the classrooms, throw away the broken coffee tables in campus ministry as well as an old (and BIG) file cabinet from the stage, count some American flags for our Sept. 11 commemoration, and then help Mr. Poisson move some supplies.  

Following this, we all gathered in the chapel (which is much cooler than the sauna we call campus ministry) for reflections and final thoughts.  

For me, it was quite fitting that one of my final "acts" at Trinity was working with a group of students from my alma mater (Class of 1998).  Manchester has been my home away from home for 14 years - four years at St. A's and these past ten at Trinity.  To have those two places come together on my final full day in Manchester was quite emotional and proof that the good Lord knows how to send you out on a high note!


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