June 4, 2016

Theology Project Fair XIII

Last night was our 13th annual Theology Project Fair.  Earlier this semester, each freshman was assigned a scripture passage and over the past few months they created a 3-D representation of that passage.  They presented their projects last night in our gym from 5pm-7pm and they all did a brilliant job.  I got around to most of the projects but unfortunately ran out of time towards the end.  The most innovative one, I felt, was Shane Brady's '19 interpretation of Jesus healing the paralytic.  You may recall that the paralytic had to lowered through a roof on a mat so Jesus could heal him.  Shane created a pulley with the man on it and when it reached the floor, it tipped up and then with a magnet he had the paralytic walk out the door of the house - it was extraordinary.

I am always so impressed with the projects and always tell them that if I were assigned this work, I would have a hard time coming up with something even remotely close to what they've created.  Following the fair, Ms. Zolkos P'15, '19 presented awards to the top projects and our chaplain Fr. Richard Dion led us all in grace as we had a BBQ afterwards.

I am grateful to Ms. Zolkos for her stewardship of the project fair which is now a grand tradition at our school.  Congratulations to all of the freshmen for their accomplishments!

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