June 4, 2016

Pope John Paul II Society

A number of years ago, our former campus minister Andrew Nelson initiated the Pope John Paul II Society to honor seniors for their contributions to Campus Ministry and their faith communities.  Each recipient receives a beautiful medal with the coat of arms of the late pope and can wear the medal with their regalia at commencement.

This past Wednesday at Awards Night we inducted the newest members of the Pope John Paul II society:

Irean Ali '16
Emma Barry '16
Bethany Boulanger '16
Olivia Boulton '16
Michael Breen '16
Liam Doyle '16
Jason Dufour '16
Gabrielle Fitzgerald '16
Molly Hayden '16
Halle Jones '16
Jacob Jones '16
Theresa Murphy '16
Jennifer Nalette '16
Jessica Tremblay '16
Michael Wright '16

After all the students came up to receive their medals from Mr. Mailloux '72, I also announced the induction of two teachers - Mrs. Lennan-Morf of our modern language department and Dr. Henning of our English department.  Both Mrs. Lennan-Morf and Dr. Henning are leaving Trinity High School after this year and have done so much to support our efforts in Campus Ministry and I wanted to show my appreciation to them.  The students gave them both a rousing ovation which was quite lovely.

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