May 9, 2016

Our Lady of the Star

As I mentioned in a previous post, we recently received a book of liturgies for the various feasts in the Lasallian world.  There are over 100 Lasallian saints and blesseds and number of other feast days and we will begin marking them in various ways here at Trinity High School.

Yesterday the Lasallian world marked (or would have if it wasn't Sunday) the feast of Our Lady of the Star.  This feast can be traced back to 1060 when a Benedictine monastery and the Shrine of our Lady of the Star were founded in Montebourg, Normandy, France.  The monastery and the shrine's sanctuary were destroyed during the French Revolution and in 1844, the ruins were given over to a religious order called the Brothers of the Christian Schools of Mercy.  This order was similar to the Lasallian Christian Brothers in that it was a teaching order and followed the Rule of the Lasallian Christian Brothers.  

The Brothers of the Christian Schools of Mercy merged with the Lasallian Christian Brothers in 1938 and the Lasallian Christian Brothers assumed responsibility for the Shrine of Our Lady of the Star and the schools in Montebourg.  As a result, the feast of Our Lady of the Star became part of the Lasallian liturgical calendar and a star became a more intentional part of the order's shield.

Our prayer for this feast comes from the Midwest District:

Our Lady of the Star, Queen and Mother of Christian Schools, watch over our school and all 
Catholic schools that we might come to know more fully Jesus, your Son.

Saint John Baptist de La Salle and all you holy Brothers who have gone before us, inspire us to have a devotion to Mary, the Mother of God.

Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever! 

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