April 8, 2016

Spring prayer service

About two years ago, we launched a tradition to kick off each sports season with a prayer service and blessing of the coaches and athletes.  The ceremony is quite brief and consists of a liturgy of the word, a brief reflection by me, prayers over the coaches and athletes by Mr. Mailloux '72, and a presentation to the coaches.  This year we are presenting icons of St. John Baptist de la Salle to the coaches (last year we gave medals of St. Sebastian, patron saint of athletes).  We also give a prayer book from the University of Notre Dame to all new coaches.

Our spring prayer service was yesterday afternoon after school.  Here is the reflection I offered:

Earlier this morning our school celebrated four things:

The feast of St. John Baptist de la Salle
Grandparent’s Day
We honored local men and women who have given their lives in service to God and His Church
We recognized the boy’s lacrosse team for their 2015 state title

And now this afternoon, we gather to pray and to ask for God’s blessing on our spring athletes and coaches.  This is one of those days in which we remember how much of a community our school truly is - a community of faith, a community of learning, and a community of service to others.  You as athletes and coaches here at Trinity High School are indeed servants for our school community.  You give up countless hours in practice, game prep, travel, and playing to represent our community around the state of New Hampshire.  You aren’t playing sports here because you are going to go off and play Division I in college sports or go pro but rather to represent Trinity and yourselves on the fields and courts.  You epitomize our school’s pride, spirit, and tradition.  

Your achievements bring our school closer together.  Think of how united Villanova and UConn are after their amazing victories this week.  While people will remember the names Kris Jenkins and Breanna Stewart for many years to come, the reality is, throughout history people will talk about Villanova winning the game at the buzzer and UConn winning four straight titles, not the individual players.  That’s what a community is and that is what Trinity High School is.  As we read this morning in the first reading, we are a community of believers with one mind and one heart.      

In just a moment, Mr. Mailloux will present each head coach with an icon of our patron saint, St. John Baptist de la Salle, whose feast we celebrate today.  May they be permanent reminders to our coaches of the powerful vocation they have to form our athletes into young men and women of faith, scholarship, and character.  In return, may our athletes let their light shine on the courts, the diamonds, and the fields this spring and help bring glory to God...and the Pioneers! 

May God the Father bless our coaches and players this spring season, as they look to imitate God the Son, all with the help and guidance of God the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

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