April 15, 2016

Off to Montana

For the fourth year in a row, we are sponsoring a mission trip this April vacation to the De La Salle Blackfeet School in Browning, MT.  We have also sponsored a mission trip the same week to the Fransisco Coll School in Guatemala City but there wasn't much interest this year.  I went on the Montana trip our first year (2013) along with Ms. Foley, formerly of our theology department.  For the past two years, Mr. Arnold of our math department has run the trip along with Ms. Foley but this year he has reluctantly passed the reins to Ms. Byron of our social studies department and Mr. Sheehan '79 of our math department.

Ms. Byron and Mr. Sheehan will be bringing 10 juniors who will spend the week working as teacher's aides in the grades 4-8 school.  The school was founded 15 years ago to serve the Blackfeet Indian population in Browning.  It is quite small (about 70 students) and the tuition is about $500 a year.  The school raises something like 90% of their budget and most of the teachers are volunteers who receive a small stipend, housing, and health insurance.  The school groups that volunteer at the school spend the week as teacher's aides but also as role models for the students, many of whom may not see the value of education.

Please keep our chaperones and the following students in your prayers as they depart next week:

Calie Bourque '17
Alex Conway '17
Isabella DiZillo '17
Megan Evans '17
Daley Frenette '17
Morgan Giguerre '17
Cam Miclette '17
Natalie Noury '17
Oliver Thomas '17
Tim Zepf '17

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