April 26, 2016

Browning - Day 1

Throughout this week, Ms. Byron will be sending along daily updates about the trip in Montana.  Here is their first update:

We had a relatively quiet day of traveling on Saturday.  We were all pretty tired when we  finally unpacked, bought our groceries, and ate our dinner.  

On Sunday we were able to spend a little time in the town of Browning after church, the congregation was very welcoming, imparting a special blessing on all of us, a few came to talk to us and welcome us.  We did our major grocery shopping for the week.  There are a lot of prairie dogs, birds, and horses around the property.  We also have two friendly “res dogs”  Jack & Jill, that live outside at the mission.  The kids walked to the river, explored an old barn and visited the mission church.  The Christian Brothers and the other volunteers treated us to dinner that night.  

Today we are spending our first day in the school.  Meg and Natalie are in the 4th grade, Oliver and Callie are in the 5th grade, Cam and Alex are in the 6th grade, Morgan and Daley are in the 7th grade, and Tim and Isabella are in the 8th grade.  They have been helping in the classroom and doing one on one tutoring.  Tim and Isabella went on a Boone/Crocket trip with the 8th grade, they will send send a report on that tomorrow.  Cam and Alex get to go on that trip tomorrow.  I think we will have some tired kids tonight.  

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