February 17, 2016

Senior Class Mass

As part of our Lenten observances, our chaplain Fr. Richard Dion has offered to celebrate Mass for each of the four classes over the course of Lent.  Today he celebrated Mass for the senior class.  In his homily, he reflected on the gospel from the previous Sunday which was about the temptations of Jesus in the desert.  He spoke specifically about the devil's insistence that Jesus turn a rock into bread to help alleviate his hunger.  The devil, Fr. Richard said, isn't interested in tempting us wth food per se but rather in tempting us with whatever we are hungry for - be it drugs, pornography, etc. and tricking us into "feeding" ourselves with evil things.  

I am fully aware that most of our students do not attend Mass on a regular basis and don't know the various responses and rites of the Mass.  So I created a program with all of the responses, readings, prayers, and texts for the priest so they could follow along better.  We will have these available for all of our class Masses this Lent as we try to evangelize our students.

Following Mass, we took a group picture with Fr. Richard, something I think we will do for all of the classes as a nice memento of our prayer and time together.

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