February 9, 2016

LV's Ride

In 2011, a group of Lasallian Volunteers and Bro. Ed Phelan, FSC, rode their bikes from Oregon-New Jersey to raise money for their organization and to bring awareness to poverty and social justice issues.  Lasallian Volunteers are 20 something's who spend a year or two after college serving in a Lasallian ministry, namely schools.  LV's are similar to the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Americorps, etc.

The bike ride raised over $100,000 and was made into a short film called "LV's Ride."  On the Thursday of Catholic Schools Week, students came into Campus Ministry to watch the film and to learn a bit about the Lasallian mission.  Our hope is that the students are inspired to perhaps do something similar after college (service work that is, not necessarily a cross country bike ride!).  I told them they have the rest of their lives to work and that if the opportunity to spend a year or two in service presents itself, they should jump at it!

You can watch the film below if you're interested:

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