January 25, 2016

Get thee to the polls

The New Hampshire Primary is two weeks from tomorrow!  To encourage our students who are (or will be) 18 by the February 9 election, I met with them today.  We read the text of the 26th amendment which changed the voting age from 21 to 18 and explained to them how they can register to vote.  We can went a computer and looked up their polling place.  Mr. Mailloux '72 has granted a dress-down day to those who do vote on Feb. 9 and we encouraged them to take a selfie of them voting for posterity!  We have about 50 seniors who are eligible to vote and we hope they all exercise this amazing right.

On Feb. 9, we will have a mock election at the school.  We printed off the official ballots and the students will vote in their theology classes throughout the day.  We are creating special ballot boxes for them and will keep a running tally of the vote on the bulletin board outside Campus Ministry.  It will be interesting to see how our vote matches against the state.

Stay tuned!

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