December 10, 2015

Morning Prayer

During Advent, we are having a brief morning prayer service each Thursday morning in our chapel (although I had to cancel last week because my wife got called into work which meant I had to bring our kids to school so I wasn't able to get here on time!).  Each week we begin with one verse of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" followed by praying one of the New Testament Canticles monastic style.

The canticles are the final prayers of Morning, Evening, and Night Prayers and come from the gospel of St. Luke.  Last week we would have prayed the Benedictus, today we prayed the Magnificat, and next week we will pray the Nunc dimittis.  Each of these canticles relate to the great Advent saints John the Baptist and Mary, and to the Nativity of Jesus in someway shape or form.  We then conclude with one of the scripture readings of the day. followed by intentions and a final prayer.  Of course, we always top it off with donuts in Campus Ministry.

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