October 7, 2015

Our Lady of the Rosary...pray for us

The rosary beads on the altar in our chapel
Today the Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Rosary.  The feast used to be called the Feast of our Lady of Victory to commemorate a major military victory over the Ottoman Empire in 1571 that was attributed to the intercession of the Virgin Mary.  However, over time the feast's name and focus was changed to the rosary.

On this day each year, we distribute rosary beads to the sophomore class.  Each year, we present symbols of our Catholic faith to the students:

  • Freshmen receive a San Damiano wall cross at the opening Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • Juniors receive a Tau cross necklace at the junior leadership ceremony
  • Seniors receive a decorative candle at their farewell Mass
Thus, throughout their four years, students receive something to hang on their walls, something with which to pray, something to wear, and something to remember.  Throughout the day today, the sophomores met me in the chapel during their theology classes and I explained the meaning of the rosary and how it is meant to help us settle our minds and hands so we can focus on the life of Christ and what it means to us.  The rosaries were red with an image of the Holy Spirit in the middle of then.  We together prayed the Hail Mary and they then all came up and took one.  

It is our prayer that through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, our students may come closer to her son through the holy rosary.

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