September 2, 2015

Freshman Class retreat

This past Monday, our entire freshman class went off site to St. Elizabeth Seton Parish in Bedford for their class retreat.  Our freshman theology teacher Ms. Zolkos P'15, '19, as always, did an amazing job planning and carrying out the retreat.  This was the first freshman retreat that I have missed in my entire Trinity High School career.  We had an unexpected resignation in our theology department before the school-year began so I have been teaching three theology classes on top of my two social studies classes (and working in campus ministry!).  So I elected to stay back this year so I wouldn't miss too many classes just as we starting the year.  But I wasn't concerned as Ms. Zolkos has a real gift for retreats and a stellar group of juniors and seniors helping.

Fr. Mike Zgonc, the parochial vicar at St. Elizabeth Seton, graciously, said Mass for the freshman at the end of the day and spent time teaching about the Mass before beginning the celebration.

Up next is our sophomore retreat on Sept. 21 followed by the junior retreat on Sept. 28.  Our seniors typically gather in May.

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