September 2, 2015

A little help from our friends

As part of their orientation, the entire freshman class at Saint Anselm College spent a few hours last Friday performing service throughout the Manchester area.  We were lucky to have 17 freshmen and 2 student leaders come to Trinity High School and help us with some work.  Most of them did some yard work for us, two girls helped Ms. Zolkos with our freshman retreat preparation, and two boys helped move some heavy items.  As a 1998 graduate of Saint Anselm College, I was more than happy to have the students join us.  I enjoyed getting to know them and to talk about my experience at St. A's.

After their work, they gathered in our Campus Ministry office to reflect on their experience and I was invited to join them.  I urged them to make the most of their four years as it will absolutely fly by.  I also encouraged them to be a part of the Greater Manchester community and to get to know the people and place they will call home for the next four years.

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