June 5, 2015

St. Christopher...pray for us

Today was the final day of the most recent session of Driver's Education.  Mr. Healy '77, our driver's ed teacher, always asks me to come into the class on the last day to offer a prayer for the soon to be drivers.  I also explain to them that the patron saint of travelers is St. Christopher and I explain a little about the legend surrounding him.  I then offered the prayer below and then presented them with holy medals.  I didn't have enough St. Christopher medals for everyone so some got Guardian Angel or the  Blessed Mother, two other good patrons!

Lord of our journeys,
Today we mark and celebrate a significant momentin the lives of these young people.
we ask you to gift them with wisdom
to make good choices as they navigate the roads they travel.
Bless them with a clear mind 
that they may steer away from any danger
they may encounter along the way.
as they take this next step into maturity.
in the name of God who travels with us 
throughout all our journeys.

As they prepare to assume the responsibility of drivers,
Provide them with safe passage as they make each journey.
And let them know of the hope they provide us 
We ask all these things, 

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