May 8, 2015

Hearing from an old friend

Last year we said goodbye to our beloved Mr. Bielik of our math department as he and his wife Stephanie went off to join the Peace Corps.  I had no idea how much our students adored Mr. Bielik until our senior retreat last May when a group of seniors surprised him with a slideshow.  He also made a surprise return to Trinity in September (they didn't leave for the Peace Corps until January) at our Pep Rally.  He came out dressed up in a football uniform and when he took his helmet off, the place erupted.

Now he and his wife are settled in Quito, Ecuador teaching English and living with a host family.  They made a two-year commitment and we couldn't be more proud.  Mr. Bielik is the second staff member who ran our Guatemala mission trip to leave us.  Ms. Girard of our theology department, who started the trip in 2013, is now Sr. Agnes Clare with the Dominican Sisters in Nashville, TN.  I "warned" Mr. Murphy of our science department that God might call him somewhere else after he ran our trip this year!

Yesterday the Bielik's Skyped with members of our junior and senior classes in theology and talked about their work and why they decided to devote the next two years of their lives to serving others.  I unfortunately missed all of the sessions but they are doing one more next week as one of the classes couldn't make it so I will certainly sit in in on that one.  You can follow their adventures at their blog Married With Chalkboards.

Please keep the Bielik's in your prayers and pray that many Trinity High School students will be inspired to do something similar.

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