March 20, 2015

Annual baby shower

Each year during Lent, we sponsor a baby shower to benefit the good people of Our Place here in Manchester.  Our Place is an agency of New Hampshire Catholic Charities that provides assistance to young parents (from child bearing age-25).  I love Our Place because it's a perfect example of the Church walking the walk and talking the talk - we encourage all women to choose life....and we will also offer to help them with the baby.

Our Place is located up the street on Oak Street and is a beautiful home that is warm and inviting to young parents.  The parents go there for pregnancy services, child development education, parenting skills, and support services.  As I told our students, I became a father at 30 and I had no clue what to do (I still don't!) so I can't even imagine what it's like to be a teen parent.  Our Place exists to help those parents and to make the process of being a parent less stressful.

We have been running this baby shower for many, many years and our school community always comes through.  I think it's so popular because our parents have fun shopping for babies again!  To celebrate we had cake and soda although I missed Mrs. Photiades P'12, '14 who would always come in the morning of the baby shower and decorate Campus Ministry.

I am not dropping the items off until Monday afternoon so if folks still want to donate, they can bring the items in on Monday.  Thanks to everyone for their support.

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