February 15, 2015

Alive and well...

So sorry for the radio silence the past 10 days or so.  This semester has been rather crazy with all the snow days and delays.  We always schedule 5 snow days into our calendar and we've used 4 in the past few weeks alone.  It's also been a little quiet on the Campus Ministry front since Bro. Paul's visit on February 3 and it's given me an opportunity to do some longer range planning and focus a little bit on my two classes, our mission trip to Guatemala over April vacation, and our Youth and Government program.

My wife is expecting our fourth child on May 22 which is very exciting for us.  However, it comes smack dab in the middle of our busiest month at school!  We have events every single week during May (some weeks have more than one event) so I have been trying to get some of the organizational things done now.  So during the past two weeks we began distributing senior candles for our Senior Farewell Mass, I sent out letters to parents about the Junior Leadership Ceremony and the Senior Day of Reflection, organized permission slips for senior events in May, etc.  I usually do all of this after February vacation but I figured we'd get it done early.  I am also lining up back-ups to cover my events in case Baby Flaherty arrives unannounced.

Lots to come, stay tuned!

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