January 10, 2015

To the movies

Each year on Martin Luther King Day, we have a special assembly for Peace and Justice.  We also use the opportunity to bless our students going on the March for Life.  This year, however, we are doing something a little different.  First, we are having a one-day used clothing drive to benefit the McDonough Elementary School which is just around the corner from Trinity High School.  McDonough is the former Immaculata High School which merged with Bishop Bradley and Saint Anthony's High Schools in 1970 to form Trinity High School.  For a few years, the former Immaculta building was used for Trinity students before being sold to the city in the mid-1970's.  McDonough has a number of low income students and they have a room where they keep clothing for the students and their families called the Kid's Closet.  We wanted to help them out so students are invited to bring used clothing to the school on that day.  You can read more about the Kid's Closet here.

Secondly, the entire school community will be going to the movies to see the new film "Selma."  The film, as you may know, chronicles the March on Selma and the efforts for passage of the Voting Rights Act.  We've never done something like this in my time at Trinity so I am excited to so something different - and to expose our students to that period of history.  Just yesterday Cardinal Sean O'Malley wrote about the film on his blog and encouraged people to see it.

You can watch the film's trailer below:

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