January 27, 2015

To Ecuador

Today our former colleague Dave Bielik and his wife Stephanie leave for their two-year stint in Ecuador with the Peace Corps.  Dave taught math at Trinity High School for four years and after his experience leading our mission trip to Guatemala, he and his wife decided to take the plunge and join the Peace Corps.  They fly to Miami today and will arrive in Ecuador tomorrow and spend a few months in training and language immersion and then go to their assignment.  I don't think they know where they will be assigned after their training but they will be there for 24 months.

I don't know Stephanie all that well but Dave is an amazing human being who was adored by Trinity students.  He made a surprise visit last fall at our Pep Rally and the roof almost came off the gym when the students saw him.  He spoke at the senior day of reflection last May and the students had prepared a slideshow after his talk.  He was a great teacher, a wonderful witness, and a genuine person.  We all miss him terribly.

You can follow their adventures at their blog Married With Chalkboards.

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