January 26, 2015

Saying thanks

Mr. Sheehan '79 and Mr. Maurier '72 trying to stay warm!
For the past few years, we have kicked off Catholic Schools Week by offering a small token of appreciation to our parents - coffee and donuts.  As parents dropped off their children this morning, they were greeted with the coffee and donuts from me and a number of Trinity administrators and teachers.  It was especially cold this morning so I am very grateful to the hearty souls who helped me: Mr. Gadecki, Mr. Maurier '72, Mr. Pascoal, Mr. Sheehan '79, and Mr. Smith.   An extra word of thanks to Mr. Pascoal who lost his gloves but still came out and helped for the entire time!

We are keenly aware that parents make many sacrifices to send their children to Trinity High School and they could very easily send them to public schools.  Simply put, we would not exist were it not for our parents and their decisions to entrust us with their children's formation and education.  This was just our small way of saying thank you to them.

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