December 18, 2014

Morning Prayer

This morning we hosted our final Advent Morning Prayer in our chapel.  This was the fifth Advent prayer service we've had this season and at three of them, we prayed the three Canticles from Luke's gospel - the Song of Zechariah, the Song of Mary, and the Song of Simeon.  These three canticles are prayed everyday by priests and religious at Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer, respectively.  They each come from the Nativity narrative in Luke's gospel and all relate to the  anticipation and birth of the Savior.

This morning we began by singing the third verse of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel", we prayed the Canticle of Simeon, listened to scripture, prayed intentions, and a final prayer.  After, I treated everyone to Top Donuts in Campus Ministry.

This was one of the last Advent celebrations as we begin Christmas vacation tomorrow.  Thus, I took down our giant outdoor Advent wreath and packed it away and I replaced the Advent wreath in our chapel with a small Nativity scene as when we return we will be in the midst of the Christmas season.

Tomorrow of course is our annual Advent Mass at St. Anthony's Church on Belmont Street in Manchester.  The Mass begins at 10am and all are welcome.

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