November 24, 2014

For Him...

More baskets are coming in but it looks like we will collect just under 450 Thanksgiving Baskets.  I counted them about a half hour ago and we were up to 443 with 3 more that came in after I counted.  Mrs. Henning, our communications director, took a number of pictures which you can see at our Facebook page here (you don't need a Facebook account to view them).

We had a friendly competition amongst the four classes and here are their totals:

Seniors: 128
Juniors: 88
Sophomores: 92
Freshmen: 73

We were also able to make 30 baskets from donations from Saint Joseph Regional Junior High School and faculty, former parents, and alums donated 32 baskets.

New this year too was a card in each basket with prayer that was composed by Mrs. Courter, Mrs. Lennan-Morf, and some students.  The prayer is:

We are thankful not only for the abundance of food but also for the abundance of love which has brought us together.

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