September 10, 2014

Sophomore Retreat

The Class of 2017 in the courtyard at Ste. Marie's
This past Monday was our sophomore class retreat.  We held the retreat at Ste. Marie's Parish, the most beautiful church in the city of Manchester.  Ms. Foley and Ms. Zolkos, as always, did a great job organizing the day's activities and talks along with a great group of juniors and seniors who selflessly gave up a day of classes to help out.  What troopers!  Throughout the day the sophomores were very engaged, participated well, and wrote some beautiful prayers that we will use for our morning prayer here at school.
Ste. Marie's is on a hill so you can see it from all over the city

One new element we added to our retreats this year is a class Mass with our chaplain, Father Richard Dion.  He used his homily to explain some of the art and architecture in the church and its deeper meaning to our faith, it was fascinating.  We then concluded out day with some movie clips and wrapped up at 2pm.  We have one more retreat this fall, the junior retreat which is Sept. 22.  The senior retreat is always in May on the morning of prom.

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