September 2, 2014

Prayer of the day

As part of our class retreats each year, we ask students to compose prayers that we in turn use for our morning prayer each day.  What I especially like about these prayers is that are rather simple but are emblematic of where our students are in their lives and in their thinking.

I am also making a closing prayer at the end of each day which is simply the "Glory Be Prayer."  This prayer has sort of become our "patronal" prayer as it invokes our patron, the Trinity.

Here is today's morning prayer which was written by a member of the Class of 2018:

Dear Lord, 

I want to thank You for everything You have given me and I would like to pray for all of the people that are less fortunate than I am who may not have a home or who have lost loves ones.  I am so thankful I have a house, food, and a family and someday I hope I can help those people in need to get them to a better life.

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