September 17, 2014

New flags

My AP US History class with the flags and the women from DAR
As I mentioned in the previous post, today is Constitution Day and the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution is donating new American and state flags to schools in Manchester.  We were happy to accept them, especially the American one as the one we have outside is getting a little weather beaten.  I wasn't expecting a state flag to be honest, that was a pleasant surprise.

I scheduled the group's visit to coincide with my Advanced Placement US History class so they could present the flags to the kids and we could take a picture with them.

Folding the flag back up
I have heard of the DAR but never knew a lot about them.  The women were telling me to be a member, you have to be able to trace your lineage to someone who fought in or aided in the Revolutionary War.  The local chapter is named after Molly Stark, the husband of General John Stark.  The local chapter offers many scholarships and awards to our students and have essay contests in which our students take part.  I must confess that even though I teach American history, I don't know a great deal about John and Molly Stark so I am going to make it a goal to learn more since they are local.

We are grateful to the DAR for this generous donation of flags and look forward to using them.

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