August 22, 2014

And we're off...

Yesterday was the first day of school at Trinity High School for the 2014-2015 academic year.  The day was really just an orientation day with the upperclassmen hearing some talks and taking care of housekeeping matters.  The freshmen came later in the day and spent the afternoon getting to know the school and one another.  The day ended with a BBQ which we had to move into the cafeteria at the last minute because of heavy rain.

Mr. Mailloux '72 and I spoke to the sophomores, juniors, and seniors and I told them about three people who inspired me this summer:

1. Michael Griffin, the first principal of Trinity High School who died this week.  I told the students that we literally would not be here were it not for Michael who led Trinity at the very beginning and took on the role at the last minute.  His death this week was the end of an era for our school and I asked the students to pray for him and to be thankful for all he did to start our school in 1970.

2. James Foley, the New Hampshire journalist who was beheaded this week by ISIS.  James was from Wolfeboro and a Catholic and spent his live committed to the poor and people on the margins of society.  I told the students how he never chose the comfortable life and he lived and worked about those who stories were rarely told and for that he gave his life.  I told them about his faith sustained him during his captivity in Libya and that he never felt alone because he was always having a conversation with God.  James has inspired me greatly and I want to do more this year to honor him and to inspire students.

3. Liam Quinn '15.  Liam took part in our mission trip this summer to St. Francis Inn and you may recall the story of him giving his last bit of money to Bro. Xavier, OFM, a friar there to help him with his subway token fund for the poor and homeless.  I told the students how inspired and moved I was by Liam's act and how it reminded me of the story of the widow's mite.

I am going to expound on these stories at our freshman retreat on Monday and as I was writing this I came up with an idea to honor and remember Mr. Foley.  Stay tuned!

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