June 9, 2014

Theology Fair XI

This past Friday night we hosted our 11th annual Theology Project Fair in our gym.  Each January, members of the freshman class are assigned a scripture story and are tasked with creating a three-dimensional representation of that story.  In addition, they have to make continual presentations to people who attend the theology fair from 5pm-7pm.  Each year the students blow me away not only with their projects but with their sophisticated and confident presentations.  This year was no different.  At the end of the fair, Ms. Zolkos and Mr. Kwasnik, our freshman theology teachers, presented students with awards.  I was also able to say a few words of thanks to Ms. Zolkos and Mr. Kwasnik and congratulate the students on all their hard work.  I also said grace before we went outside for a BBQ.

This is the last school event of the year (save Baccalaureate and Commencement) and is a wonderful way to wrap up the school year.  It has become a sort or rite of passage for our students and they always shine.

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