June 28, 2014

Our final Mass

Today was our final Mass with the St. Francis Inn community.  The celebrant was Fr. Pat Seiber, OFM.  Fr. Pat lives at the friary but doesn't work at the inn, his full-time ministry is as a hospital chaplain.  In his homily, he spoke of the times people get angry at God when something goes wrong.  In a sense, he said, people should not be angry with God but rather with other people as God has no hands or legs, we are His hands and legs and make decisions that impact others.

As is customary, the inn presents departing volunteers with Tau crosses at the end of Mass on Saturday.  Fr. Steve Patti, OFM made the presentation and told a story of St. Francis of Assisi's willingness to leave the walls of Assisi and go encounter and minister to the outside world.  Fr. Steve told the group that they have, in a sense, left the walls of New Hampshire to come here and minister for a short period to the people of St. Francis Inn.  It's always very moving to receive these crosses and to receive a final blessing from the group.

Until next year...

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