May 15, 2014

Something in the water

For the second year in a row, the leader of our April mission trip to Guatemala is leaving Trinity High School…but for a good reason.  Last year, Ms. Girard of our theology department left us to join the Dominican Sisters of Nashville, TN and this week we learned that Mr. Bielik of our math department is heading off to join the Peace Corps with his wife Stephanie!  Mr. and Mrs. Bielik ran the trip this year along with Mr. Kwasnik of our theology department and Mr. Bielik helped Ms. Girard last year.  Serving in Central America gave them the bug to do more and they applied to the Peace Corps and found out last week that they had been accepted.  They will be heading to Ecuador where they will be teaching English to children.

They both leave in January and they will spend three months in intensive Spanish language classes.  Even after the three months are up, they could theoretically not continue if their language skills aren't strong enough but I doubt that will be the case.  They will be gone for a total of 27 months.

We are all so proud of Mr. and Mrs. Bielik and wish them nothing but the best.  This marks the third faculty member to leave us in recent years (Fr. Andrew Nelson and Sr. Clare Girard being the other two), but not to go to another school but to go on and do amazing things.

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