May 26, 2014

Brotherly Visit

This past Thursday our good friends Bros. John McMahon, FSC and Edward Shields, FSC visited Trinity High School.  Bros. John and Edward visit Trinity about twice a year, once in the fall to chat with the students who went on the summer Lasallian Youth Assembly and again in the spring to talk to those who went on the April vacation mission trips.  This visit was somewhat bittersweet for me as Bro. John is being transferred to Lincroft, NJ, about an hour outside of New York City.  He has lived close by at the brother's residence in Narragansett, RI but the order asked him to be on the pastoral team at the brother's nursing facility.  The facility is on the campus of Christian Brothers Academy where we stayed last year on our way back from the March for Life.  But, we will still see him plenty, I am sure.

The brothers arrived around 9:15am and since my voice has been acting up for weeks now, Bro. Edward did the morning prayer for me over the intercom.  We then had some coffee and hung out with students in Campus Ministry for a bit.  They then had a conversation with my AP Comparative Government and Politics class about college and keeping up their passion for service and then met with the students who went to Montana and Guatemala during the lunch periods.  I missed the second lunch conversation as I ran out to buy lunch for us but I heard they had some great conversations.

As luck would have it, all of the Catholic school principals from the diocese and our superintendent, Father John Fortin, OSB, were at Trinity on Thursday for a principal's meeting.  Mr. Mailloux '72 invited the brothers and me to join them for lunch and were able to have a brief chat with Father John about our idea of affiliation.  More to come on that.

The principal of St. Patrick's School in Jaffrey, Sr. Cecile Provost, CSC, taught at Trinity back in the 1970's when Bro. John was here.  Mr. Mailloux pointed her out to Bro. John and he went over to talk to her.  She didn't recognize him at first (it's been over 40 years!) but when he said his name she said, "Oh, is that you!"  It was a great reunion.

All in all, another great visit.

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