March 21, 2014

From a Pioneer to a Cardinal

Tomorrow, I hope, will be one of those days when you can say you were there.  Cardinal Lacroix '75 is visiting Manchester this weekend and is attending a reception in his honor tomorrow night at Trinity High School.  Over the past few days so many people have come together to make the reception a night to remember.

Cardinal Lacroix will celebrate the 4pm Mass at St. Anthony's Church where a number of our students are assisting in various ways.  The reception will follow immediately at Trinity where we are expecting over 500 people.

Cardinal Lacroix will be greeted at the front steps by dozens of students, parents, and parents and if all goes according to plan, he will emerge from his car with a Trinity hockey jersey on.  He will be led by bagpipers into the gym where our choir will sing a selection of songs while people eat and mingle.  There will be a series of speakers including our principal Mr. Mailloux '72.

I spent the entire day getting ready for the event along with a number of students, faculty, and staff.  Saint Anselm College lent us choir risers and a bunch of guys from their physical plant brought them over and installed in.  We put out red napkins and the students had the idea to fold them in a fancy way and were able to set-up 500 napkins pretty efficiently and quickly.  Our students are always so cooperative and helpful to me with stuff like this, they are pretty amazing.

I spent part of the afternoon driving around Manchester with Fr. Richard Dion putting up "Welcome Home Cardinal Lacroix" lawn signs.  This was Fr. Andrew Nelson's ideas and I hope they don't all blow away!

Stay tuned….more to come!

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