March 24, 2014

Best prom-posal ever

There is a new trend among high school students called prom-posals.  Boys have become very creative when asking girls to the prom and this Saturday, Cardinal Lacroix lent a hand to one of our students.  Bryce Pepin '14 and his girlfriend Abbey Thompson '14 went to take a picture with Cardinal Lacroix after the reception on Saturday and beforehand, Bryce slipped the cardinal a piece of paper that said "Prom?" on it.  The cardinal held it up behind Abbey's back as someone took the picture and when Bryce showed her the picture she cracked up and immediately said yes.  The cardinal autographed the paper and I joked he may have to come back in 5 years to celebrate the wedding.  He said, "I do weddings, ordinations, whatever you want!"

The Union Leader ran a story on this which you can read here.  What an amazing moment and I just love the cardinal's mischievous smile.

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