March 6, 2014

Ash Wednesday Mass

Yesterday we celebrated Ash Wednesday with Mass celebrated by our chaplain, Father Richard Dion.  In his homily he spoke of the constant need to improve ourselves as none of us are perfect and all of us sin.  Thus, Lent is a time to once again focus on improving our lives and to things better.  It is, he said, a sort of reset of our lives.  He also recommend that the students not give something up for Lent as is customary.  Doing that, he said, is like New Year's Resolutions, they always fail.  Rather, he suggested, think of something you already do well and do it better.

For the Post-Communion Meditation hymn, the choir sang a song called "Inside Your Kingdom" which they dedicated to the memory of Mr. Gorski '58.  Mr. Gorski, of course, passed away last August and taught at Bishop Bradley/Trinity High Schools for 51 years.  It was rather fitting as the previous day was the feast of St. Casimir, the patron saint of Poland and the name of Mr. Gorski's parish here in Manchester.  Mr. Gorski was very proud to be Polish!

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