February 12, 2014

To Rome

Next week our delegation from Trinity High School will be headed off to Rome to witness Archbishop Gerald Lacroix '75 become a cardinal.  We are leaving on Thursday and will be arriving on Friday morning at 9:05am Rome time.

We just got our schedule of events for our time there:

Saturday, Feb. 22
11am: Consistory Mass at St. Peter's Basilica
1pm: Reception at the Canadian Pontifical College
4:30pm: Reception at the Apostolic Palace

Sunday, Feb. 23
10am: Papal Mass at St. Peter's Basilica

Other than that, we are pretty much free.  My last day in Rome will be Monday, Feb. 23 so we are thinking of heading to Assisi, a place I've been wanting to visit for sometime.  We are also going to get a tour of the Lasallian Christian Brothers Motherhouse, perhaps on the Friday we arrive.

I will be blogging like a madman so do stay tuned!

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