February 22, 2014

Rome: Day 1

I am sorry for not posting earlier about our first day in Rome but the internet connection has been spotty here.  I only have a few minutes as we are about to set off for St. Peter's Basilica for the consistory.

Yesterday afternoon Bro. Vincent gave Mr. and Mrs. Henning and me a tour of the motherhouse, including a look at the two beautiful chapels on site.  The main chapel contains the relics of St. John Baptist de la Salle, mainly his skull!  The other chapel is called the winter chapel as they use it in the winter has many original paintings of de la Salle that most Lasallians would recognize.  I hope to go back to these chapels later this weekend to get some pictures.

After, we headed over to St. Peter's where we went inside and looked around.  This was Mr. Henning's first time there so I let Mr. and Mrs. Henning tour around and I went off on my own.  I walked around the basilica and then strolled around the neighborhood and got a gelato.  At 4:30pm we went over to the hotel where all the priests from Manchester are staying and spent time chatting with them and then a group of us went and got some dinner.  Mr. and Mrs. Henning and I then jumped on the Metro and came back to the Motherhouse.  I was so tired that I fell asleep on the train for a split second.

Now we are off to a quick breakfast and then to St. Peter's.  Today is the big day, we are all so very excited to see Archbishop Lacroix become Cardinal Lacroix!  More to come...

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